About Us

We are one of the leading LT panel control panel and switchboard manufacturers in South India. We have more than 2 decades of experience in manufacturing and execution of LT Control Systems to Medium, Major Industries, Institutions, Commercial Establishment. Electrofab having a team of highly skilled technicians to maintain perfection at every stage, supported by qualified engineers to take utmost care in execution of every job in time.
We are CPRI tested for design, manufacture, service and supply of LT control panels and enclosure systems. Electrofab engineering capabilities encompass hardware design for power distribution and control system projects. The integrity of our design process one of the best, focusing on providing the right solution tailored to our clients individual needs.
Hardware design includes switchboard and motor control center assemblies and control and instrumentation systems. Throughout the design and manufacture process we work closely with our customers.
We encourage openness and honesty because we’re confident good communication result in the best solutions for you. Electrofab also have rigorous in house test facilities enabling acceptance tests to be carried out at our facility. This reduces on site commissioning time and allows customers to alter orders before installation, for greater flexibility and cost efficiency. This extensive design and manufacture experience means we can produce exceptional solutions which all our customers can rely upon.