Any non-linear loads like:

  • Non power factor corrected fluorescent and HID Lighting fixtures ballasts (40-80% p.f.)
  • Arc welders (50-70% pf)
  • Solenoids (20 -50% pf)
  • Induction heating equipment(60-90% pf)
  • Small "dry-pack" transformers(30-95% pf)
  • Induction motors (55-90 %) etc

Can cause poor power factor. In many areas electricity boards imposes a penalty charge for lower power factor (pf).A poor power factor due to an inductive load can be improved by addition of capacitors in shunt. Awareness of necessity of power factor quality is increasing. Enhancing power quality i.e. improvement of power factor saves cost and ensures a rapid return on investments

Installing "Electro Fab" APFC panels provided a reliable solution for elimination of penalties and cost reduction in the electricity bills by approximately 25%.This panel offers designs that are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. They are designed to minimize installation time and cost and offers high reliability, long life and suitable for operation over a temperature range of -10 C to 50 C. A wide range of ratings with standard devices are available.

Any non-linear loads like:

This APFC panel is best suitable for

  • Installations having thyristorised loads
  • Municipal water pumping schemes
  • Lift irrigation schemes
  • DoT, Railways, CPWD requirement
  • Upto 20% harmonic distortions
  • 50% over current
  • 20 % over voltage


Safety Features:

  • HRC fuses back-up protection
  • Safety door interlock to prevent to prevent door from being opened while panel is "ON".
  • Each capacitor is provided with an internal discharge resistor

Our Features

  • CPRI Type tested
  • Available both indoor and outdoor type
  • Safe and easy to maintain
  • Aesthetically superior
  • Design as per IP standards
  • Stage wise stringent quality checks
  • Excellent breaking performance
  • Compact design and easy to install
  • Suitable space for cable termination